8 Packing Tips for the Big Move

Moving to a new house is an exciting, yet exhausting process. Here are some packing tips that should help you prepare for your big move:

1.Start early.
The best thing to do to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to start packing early. Aim to pack a box or two a day. If you do everything at the last minute, you won�t know where to start, and you�ll find yourself feeling extremely stressed and pressed for time. Preparing for the big move early will give you enough time to plan things in a systematic and organised manner.

2.Prepare the right materials.
Packing up an entire house is no joke. Make sure to buy cardboard boxes of different sizes, and get more boxes than you think is necessary. Small boxes are best for heavy items such as books, while the large boxes are best for lighter things. You�ll also need packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, markers, and scissors.

3.Pack items that you do not use everyday.
Start packing all the things that you don�t use on a daily basis such as books, photographs, CDs, and holiday decorations. Go through the items in your attic or basement and decide which items you would like to throw away or give to friends and family, and which items you would like to bring along.

4.Pack one room at a time.
In order to stay organised, try packing things that belong in the same room. Label each box with the name of the room it belongs to, and list down its contents. Packing and labeling boxes according to rooms will make it easy for both you and your movers later on. Remember to label a box with �fragile� if its contents break easily.

5.Pack your children�s rooms last.
Children usually feel most secure in their bedroom, so try to delay the packing of their belongings as much as possible. Remember to bring along their favorite blanket or stuffed animal in the car for the trip to the new house.

6.Fill up empty spaces.
When packing, be sure to use space wisely as you can. For example, fill your refrigerator up with plastic items from the kitchen or bulky items like pillows. Fill a clothes hamper with towels and various bathroom items.

7.Prepare a bag of the essential items.
Once you�ve arrived at your new home, it is unlikely that you�ll be able to finish unpacking all your boxes in one day. Just in case, prepare a bag containing a change of clothes, a towel, a toothbrush, and other personal items for each member of the family. You may want to consider packing a pre-cooked meal, along with paper plates, plastic cups, utensils and paper towels. When traveling to the new house, bring the bag with you in the car.

8.Bring important items with you when you move.
A lot of people will be in and out of your house on moving day, causing a rather chaotic situation. Ensure that valuable items such as cash, jewellery, chequebooks, and legal documents remain with you throughout the moving process.