How to Deal with Stress of Moving

Anyone who feels moving is not stressful is wrong.  It is certainly one of the most taxing phases of our lives.  In fact, experts have cited that moving is the third most stressful thing in our lives after death and break-up with a loved one.  However, the stress of moving can definitely be coped with. Here are some of the ways you can deal with the stress of moving:

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1.Make a planner
Get a paper and make two columns. On one side, you write negative emotions that arise due to the move and on the right side, write sentences that justify positively why you have to move and how you can benefit. Every cloud has a silver lining; so even if you are saddened by the move, you should find something positive in it which you can note down. In the end, you will feel better having discovered why moving is a better and rational option.

2.Plan your move
Times pass very quickly and the fact that you may have a month to relocate may seem very close, if you do not do anything about it. In order to avoid chaos and stress of moving, make sure that you plan well and take care of things like notifying proper authorities about the move, packing things in advance, taking care of valuable documents and expensive items, holding a garage sale for things that you do not require etc. Another way to eliminate the stress of moving is to make sure that you choose the right moving company for the job, and ensure that they follow your instructions well. Check that you have information about when the moving company would be arriving, their vehicle, the delivery date and the route the moving truck would take whilst moving. Accordingly, co-ordinate with the interstate mover or international mover.

3.Organise things
Make sure you keep things in order like packing things properly, arranging them, labeling them and even numbering them if necessary to avoid stress of moving. This will make the mover�s job easy and you will not have to hunt for items or doubt if you have misplaced any object.

4.Dealing with emotions
You may be feeling bad that you are separated from your loved one or your close friends. Your children or siblings have to deal with their own emotions of separation.  However, we all know that change is inevitable and people have to move on; it is a way of life. The good thing is that in today�s age we are connected with people on a daily basis even if we are seven seas apart through means of communication like Internet chat or the mobile phone. Let your kids know that even though they are moving, they will still be in touch with their friends and that you could visit them, or they could visit you in the holidays. Secondly, let them know that the new place has its own adventure with new set of friends and neighbours.
You can cut down on the stress of moving with planning in advance, organising things properly and dealing with emotions in a much better and optimistic manner.

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